Quantas Airlines: The Best Airline for Cheap Tickets to Australia

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Quantas Airlines: Australia's Best

In my opinion the only place worthy of visiting is Australia. I just took my family there last year and will be going there every year on my slotted vacation time. You cannot beat the atmosphere or the scenery. The people are unlike anywhere else, and I have been pretty much everywhere else. Actually I am very disappointed that I never made it to Australia before then since I have been to so many places that did not meet my expectation and Australia exceeded them by a mile.

I would have to say one of the biggest parts of the trip was the flight. I was looking for any type of discounted airline ticket or cheap airline tickets and boy do I find it. Considering it took as long as it did each way we pretty much spent more time on the airplane than we did any particular place within the country. For that reason I am so pleased that I flew on Quantas Airlines. We have all been on airlines before and out of all of the dozens or airlines I have been on Quantas Airlines was hands down the best. Not only was the seat comfortable, rarely do you ever find that, but the flight crew was possibly the best that has ever been assembled. I am not sure how Quantas Airlines goes through their hiring practice but Quantas must have some process second to none. I think that many of the companies in the United States could take a lesson or two from the way that Quantas does their stuff. Maybe there is nothing special that they do. Maybe they just have a better selection of people to choose from. Either way as far as I am concerned they need to change nothing with how they hire their in flight crews or their pilots.

The pilots are another detail that cannot e overlooked. Quantas pilots are obviously skilled in their field to be able to execute a smooth and error free flight over that much ocean but guess what, they are friendly and humorous. Normally I would not prefer the pilot of the plane I am flying in to be a comedian but a few nice comments and a pleasant way of delivering instructions lends an air of confidence to the passengers that the pilot has a good head on his or her shoulders. I never did any research of how many or who flies into Australia since I never had too much of an opinion about the airlines. I simply found Quantas Airlines and decided that they were as good as any and I was right, they are as good and fare more excellent than any of the other airlines for any destination.

Since then I have done a lot of research on Quantas Airlines and would like to share that with you. I have to get going but will definitely write to you some more so that you can experience what I have had the pleasure of experiencing. Not all airlines are the same and at the top of the airline list is Quantas. Once you try it you will understand and agree. Happy flying.